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Higher Sales with Recommendations

All customers do not prefer the same product or the variant of a product. Good recommendations can transform sales.

Manas platform creates a constantly improving algorithm that gives better recommendation and higher sales.

Price Prediction

One of the most powerful tool for maximising revenues is to price the product or service correctly on that day and time.

Our platform learns from the past behaviour and dynamically suggests a price that will maximise revenues.

improve product rating
Improve Product Ratings.

Track all the customer channels - both internal and external, to find product defects early. This helps in early fixes, higher product quality and lower churn.

Sentiment Analysis

Analysis of sentiment trends  is a powerful tool for both marketers and customer success teams to track their brands.

With Manas, you can get started with Sentiment Analysis in hours.

Real Time Website or Incident Alerts

Manas can be used to track  online and customer experience.
These could be new issues, or spikes in existing issues.
Alerts are sent to the desired channel - Slack, mobile, email etc.

Grow Customer Retention

Predict which of your customers are likely to leave, and the reason for leaving. This can help you to reduce churn.

Optimise Marketing Mix

As the pressure on Customer Acquisition costs increases, it is critical to optimise the different marketing channels and the spend on it.

Classify Support Tickets

Tag incoming support tickets by subject, sentiment, resolution.

Monitor Assets

Select a set of financial assets that you want to track. These can be equities, commodities, forex etc. We will track and automate the generation of signals for you.

Financial Signals & Alerts

Manas can track the performance of different kind of assets on your behalf and generate alerts when something crosses the thresholds.

Classify text, documents.

There are multiple needs to classify text -  email responses, social media messages, community chat etc.
You can start the classification quickly. In multiple languages.

Automate Unstructured Data

Most of enterprise data is unstructured. They continue to be processed in costly, inefficient way.

Manas extracts and unlocks these data. It makes it easy to automate and process at speed.

Time Series Forecasting

Manas platform understands the change of values across time to forecast future values.

It is a powerful method to understand future trends, and plan your business to use those trends.

Cost Optimisation

Manage staff costs and productivity by predicting for future demand, analysing availability and optimising for requirements.

Tag Images for Online Stores

Online stores require insertion of new items into product catalog, tagged along various attribute e.g. colour, size, style etc..

Manas helps you automate this in a simple intuitive way. No technical skills required.

Increase your reach and beat the competition

Market your content more effectively and weaponize your performance data.


Monthly Impressions


Monthly Impressions


Monthly Impressions


Monthly Impressions

Unlock the power of your Data.

Get the benefits of AI.
Without Coding. No new Technology. No new Skills.

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