Large Language Models (LLM): they can transform your business

Language is one of the most powerful means of connection, expression and communication with others (and to ourselves).

Language is also one of the most innovative AI areas. This includes both understanding of language and generation of language. From early days of basic word-based translation, this area has made tremendous progress in the last 5 years and moved towards more nuanced semantic-based translation. The engine behind this progress has been the emergence of Large Language Models (LLM).

Large Language Models (LLM)

Language models allow us to build intelligent systems with a richer understanding of language than ever before. Large Language Models (LLM) use large computation power and deep learning to predict the word that should come next and consequently to generate text. LLM uses billions of machine learning parameters to perform common tasks as 

  1. Translating
  2. sentence completion
  3. classifying text into various categories
  4. creating summaries of documents
  5. answering questions with human like answers etc. 

There have been several “spicy” LLMs built in the past. Text generation can be the ultimate test to LLMs. Text Generation exposes how much the models have understood. 

But most LLMs need templated structures to make them useful & to be fit to put in production. Now, this may still be needed in some niche areas, but they are very few areas that aren’t understood well by these LLMs. 

Just this month (July 2022) with efforts from over 1000+ engineers, the BigScience collaboration released a new LLM: BLOOM, that is surprisingly intelligent. Because not all LLMs have been this effective on many niche areas & applications – like text generation without templated guidelines. 

And they have the potential to help even further & move the open-source goal posts towards perfection in areas like :

  1. multiple language translations
  2. reviews/comments understanding
  3. summarising longer texts/documents
  4. Data extraction from emails/documents, etc…

Language Models @ Manas AI

At Manas AI, we have specialised in building our AI language models (with over 100million datapoints). These models have been validated in real world with more than 2 years of intense use. 

We do this as we believe organisations spend too much time in understanding documents, customer data in text and voice etc. Instead, this time can be used to create value for customers and shareholders. Smart use of AI automates data understanding, creates value and frees up internal resources. 

Please get in touch with us, to discuss how AI can transform your organisation.

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